Will My Child Be Able to Work with Cerebral Palsy?

Will My Child Be Able to Work with Cerebral Palsy?

While birth injuries and birth defects can present a challenge to those born with them, they do not necessarily inhibit someone from living a productive and dedicated life. Some children born with a birth defect or birth injury can perform many of the same jobs that other people can.

Mechele Coppenbarger is celebrating her 35th year as a staff member at a cerebral palsy center in Webb City, Missouri. For just about anyone, 35 years of faithful employment is quite an accomplishment. For Ms. Coppenbarger, it becomes especially notable, because she was born with cerebral palsy herself.

What Jobs Are Best for People with Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy, unlike some birth injuries or birth defects, does not always impair intelligence. In fact, many children born with a less severe birth injury grow up to be brilliant adults. However, work can be difficult to find, as their physical limitations must be considered. The following jobs are good options for people with cerebral palsy:

  • Tech jobs, such as web designer or programmer
  • Office administration, such as a secretary, administrative assistant or other staff worker
  • Good examples of social-oriented jobs include teaching, advocacy or fundraising
  • Going to law school to become a lawyer or a judge
  • Starting a company or being an accountant for a business
  • Creative professions such as musician, artist or writer

These are just a few of the job options available. Many people born with cerebral palsy, like Mechele Coppenbarger, go on to help other people born with physical disabilities. Some promote awareness for various birth injuries or birth defects, which can help generate money for research, therapies, care, etc. Advocates can also inform those wishing to have children about the causes of some birth injuries so they can be avoided.

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[Did You Know? Christy Brown, an artist that painted astonishing artwork with his feet, had cerebral palsy.]

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