What is Prematurity Awareness Day?

What is Prematurity Awareness Day?

The fourth annual World Prematurity Day occurred on November 17. The goal of it is to raise awareness about the 15 million babies born preterm. In the Sunshine State, more than 15 locations will shine a purple light for this day.

In Florida, 13.6 percent of babies are born premature, according to the March of Dimes. Our state earns a “D” on the annual Premature Birth Report Card, as we are above the 11.4 percent national average.

The March of Dimes, which is a major non-profit organization for preventing birth defects, is leading much of the fundraising effort for this day.

What Are the Costs of a Premature Baby?

According to the March of Dimes’ figures, the average premature baby can cost the family $54,194 in medical payments. That is about $50,000 more than the cost of a regular child at birth.

There are also physical health costs. Children born too early are more likely to develop disabilities and defects, such as cerebral palsy, because their bodies are still developing.

Sometimes premature births can be caused by the negligence of a hospital or a pharmaceutical drug. If this is the case, and if your child has suffered as a result, then you may be eligible for compensation for your child’s birth defect.

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