E. Alexander Pujol

Meet Attorney E. Alexander Pujol

Using his legal acumen to best serve families and communities wrongly injured by the actions of others.

Attorney E. Alexander Pujol joined Farrell, Patel, Jomarron & Lopez as a highly experienced litigator and trial attorney but he prefers above all else to be known as a family man. It is his love of family that drives Mr. Pujol to use his legal acumen to best serve families and communities that have been wrongly injured by the actions of others.

Excellence From the Start

From letterman in athletics to Drum Major of his high school to decorated scholar, Alex, as he is best known, strived for excellence since a very early age. Mr. Pujol’s love of music, the arts and academia led him to attend the University of Miami on musical and academic scholarships. He later moved to attend school with his fiancé at the University of South Florida where he graduated with a 3.98/4.0 gpa and dual bachelor of arts degrees.

His undergraduate success and testing allowed him to attend the University of Florida’s School of Law (now the University of Florida Levin College of Law) where he garnered numerous awards and distinctions, including being Executive Editor of the prestigious Journal of International Law and qualifying to be a student advocate in the Virgil D. Hawkins Civil Clinic. Among other awards were several “Book” awards, which recognize the law students with the number 1 test scores in aparticular law course and being on Dean’s list each semester while at law school. Mr. Pujol graduated with honors from UF Law.

Experience Counts

Mr. Pujol has since the start of his legal career focused on litigation and trial work. He has represented many of the nation’s largest insurance companies and national and international conglomerates. After litigating for such high profile clients Mr. Pujol shifted his emphasis to individuals, families and groups of families that suffered injury or death because of the negligence or wrongful acts of others. He finds particular satisfaction in the mass torts area calling to heel companies that knowingly put profits ahead of the safety of people. Mass torts are simply cases where a company either carelessly makes a product or carelessly engages in some activity that causes injury to a large number of people, usually numbering in the thousands.

Legal And At Large Communities

A quality legal community depends on dedicated individuals using their talents to participate in its governance and direction. Knowing this, Mr. Pujol sits or has sat on numerous committees, boards and commissions. For example, he accepted several appointments by governor Charlie Crist to sit on the commission which makes recommendations as to whom the Governor should appoint to a judgeship. Mr. Pujol also sat on such leadership boards such as the Polk County Trial Lawyers Association, Polk County Bar Association and the Wilson Inns of Court.

Alex is member of the Salvation Army and has served thousands and thousands of meals to the homeless and poor of this country. He has also been on the front lines of disaster relief volunteering his time and energy after hurricanes and other natural disasters have ravaged a part of our nation. Blending his love of music and service, Mr. Pujol has had the opportunity to travel all over the United States and abroad to Europe, Central America, South America and the Caribbean with various performing arts groups of the Salvation Army raising money and bringing awareness for numerous causes.

Alexander Pujol is ready to answer your questions and zealously protect your rights.