How Many Approved Prescription Drugs Are Withdrawn?

How Many Approved Prescription Drugs Are Withdrawn?

A study funded by the University of Utah’s Technology Commercialization Program has found that roughly a third of prescription drugs are withdrawn from the market, even when the U.S. government had initially approved them. Many of these drugs can increase the chance of a birth defect.
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A toxicity test invented at the University of Utah, which tests medicines on various rodents, might become key in detecting drugs that have dangerous side effects. The key drug used in the study was Paxil, which is an SSRI known to increase the risk of some birth defects.

What Birth Defects Can Paxil Cause?

It is not clearly understood why Paxil has a stronger link to birth defects than other SSRIs. A study with rats shows that the hormone level in the female rats decreases when Paxil is used. In male rats, testosterone is lowered. For other animals, sperm count and sperm quality decreases.

Paxil can cause such life-threatening birth defects as anencephaly, craniosynostosis, spina bifida and heart defects.

We strongly recommend that you consult a physician if you are using SSRIs and are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

Did Prescription Drugs Cause Your Child’s Birth Defect?

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