How Can Oxygen Deprivation Cause Cerebral Palsy?

How Can Oxygen Deprivation Cause Cerebral Palsy?

A Georgia family of a boy born with cerebral palsy as secured $8.4 million in a birth injury lawsuit. The child, who is now five years old, lives with his grandmother. He has never been able to walk or talk and needs a tube to eat. His medical issues are expected to last for the rest of his life.

An Example of Oxygen Deprivation Causing Cerebral Palsy

The case with the unfortunate Georgia boy is an example that is not too uncommon among birth injuries. His delivery was delayed and it took the staff eight minutes to get oxygen into his lung via a special tube. The problem was that the hospital team in charge of resuscitation was not alerted in time, despite clear signs of both distress and oxygen deprivation.

This example is clearly a case of negligence. It is the duty of the hospital to train their staff to deal with fast-paced medical emergencies with competence and efficiency, including noticing signs of distress and notifying the proper hospital team in a timely manner.

As for the child’s family, $8.4 million cannot replace the joy of having a perfectly healthy child. However, we are glad to see that the jury and the court has provided compensation large enough to help the child have the best life he can possibly have.

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