How An Attorney Can Help With Your Property Insurance Claim

How An Attorney Can Help With Your Property Insurance Claim

By Mario E. Lopez, Esq.

After all the years of paying your home insurance premiums, you expect to be covered for all of your losses. Although you paid good money for your insurance coverage and expect good service, you may be disappointed to find out that insurers look to minimize their losses and pay you the lowest amount possible for your claim.

Oftentimes, insureds contact me for help with their property insurance claim after their claim is wrongfully denied or after being offered a low settlement offer. I often see situations where insureds have a very difficult time getting their claim paid because it was not documented properly from the start, the scene was not preserved, and now it is too late for experts to offer opinions on how the loss occurred. The involvement of an attorney from the outset can assist in ensuring the claim is properly and smoothly adjusted and may avoid the need for litigation.

To keep your property, claim on-track, you may want to work with a property insurance attorney in Florida, Texas, or North Carolina and Across the US from the get-go. An insurance claim is a negotiation, pure and simple. An experienced lawyer will be able to level the playing field by ensuring that your claim is accurately reported to avoid any wrongful denials, negotiating settlements, filing suit on your behalf, and ultimately fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Reporting Your Claim: Depending on the terms of the insurance policy, notice must be immediate, timely or prompt. Many claim problems are created by an insured who reports the loss before reviewing their coverage, determining the date of loss and reviewing any exclusions. Few things alert an insurance company to move your claim from easy to handle and pay to increased scrutiny and delay more than a late report. A late report can be anywhere from a week to several months depending on the circumstances. Many claims are denied outright, even for a covered cause of loss, based on the insured’s failure to promptly report the loss. Attorneys are familiar with the legal obligations of the insurance companies and can remind them of the statutes they must follow when adjusting insurance claims—and hold them accountable when they do not.

Negotiating settlements: Watch out for lowball settlements pushed by insurers upfront. This may be in the form of an insurance adjuster providing a check immediately after reporting the loss. Insurance companies often pitch lowballs in hoping you take it out of fear of never getting the amount you really deserve. Your insurance lawyer is there to act on your behalf to make certain you do not get fooled by this incredibly common tactic.

Filing a Home Insurance Lawsuit: If you are in the middle of a home insurance claim and have not reached any type of settlement discussion, then you still have the possibility of legal action. When filing a claim under your homeowner’s insurance policy, it is important to immediately call your property insurance attorney to ensure you give your insurer only the most necessary and correct information. Your attorney will then file a claim with your insurance carrier on your behalf, or if you have already filed a claim, they will inform your insurance provider they are now representing you and your claim.

It is important to timely file a claim because any delay could ultimately result in your claim being filed outside the statute of limitations or in a denial of your claim. Filing a lawsuit sometimes may put pressure on your home insurance carrier to agree to a home insurance settlement. If your home insurance carrier sees that you are serious about your claim, are represented by an attorney, and have a good case against them, then they may be more inclined to work towards a fair settlement.

If your claim is being denied, delayed or underpaid, hiring a homeowner’s insurance lawyer that knows property insurance lawyer in your state can make a big difference in the success of your claim. The insurance company has a team of lawyers working for it to make sure they don’t pay you. You should have a team of lawyers working for you too! FPJL will aggressively represent you to ensure you get the money you are owed without any further delay by the insurance company. Our team of attorneys have decades of experience providing affordable representation to Individual and Corporate policy holders facing a wide range of denied, delayed or underpaid insurance claim issues.

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