How to Create a Home Inventory to Help Speed Up the Insurance Claim Process

How to Create a Home Inventory to Help Speed Up the Insurance Claim Process

By Wesley J. Farrell,Esq.

A home is often someone’s largest investment and therefore, property insurance coverage is crucial so that the home and any contents are covered in the event of a catastrophe. We recommend completing a room-by-room home inventory so if you have an insurance claim in the future, you will have a permanent record of what you own and how much it’s worth.

What is a Home Inventory?
A home inventory is a record of your personal belongings. A complete inventory can help you identify items that may be difficult to document after a loss.

Why Should I Create a Home Inventory?

Creating a home inventory speeds up the insurance claims process. Experts say creating a home inventory doesn’t take that much time and is well worth the trouble if you ever need to file a home insurance claim.

Be Thorough

The more detailed documentation you can supply during the claims process, the fewer problems you will experience. It’s a good idea to take photos of any items that are part of your claim. Also, include serial numbers if they are available. Once the inventory is complete, estimate the replacement cost of your property using current prices and compare that amount to your personal property coverage limit.

Use technology to document your Home Inventory

While the task of documenting everything in your home may seem like a daunting project, creating a home inventory is easier now more than ever. However, a simple spreadsheet detailing all of the pertinent information about each item in your home inventory will suffice.

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