Government & Municipal Insurance Claims

Government and Municipal Insurance Claims

Our firm not only understands the law, we helped to write it. After Hurricane Maria, FPJL
established Bad Faith and Statutory fee laws to protect the people of Puerto Rico
against the insurance industry. The laws brought accountability to the insurance
companies preventing them from frivolously denying claims. As state and local
government officials grapple with an evolving landscape of natural disasters, they need
a law firm that can deliver results. Our firm has a proven record of representing
municipalities and local governments, and we have successfully represented over 1
billion dollars in Government and Municipal insurance claims. FPJL provides solutions
to help municipalities recover more efficiently, effectively, and proactively. We have the
expertise and resources to successfully resolve these types of claims, allowing the
public services your constituents rely on to resume as expeditiously as possible.

Typical residential property insurance policies offer:

  • “Ordinance” or “Law” which provides coverage—typically a percentage of the policy limits—in the event that building codes, enacted after a structure was built, require additional features not contained in the covered structure at the time of loss. Policyholders who purchase replacement cost coverage may expect that upgrades required by law are included in the coverage purchased, but some policies exclude these increased costs of repair.
  • “Additional Living Expense” pays the costs of living in a temporary location if a covered loss makes the damaged home unlivable. This could include hotel bills, rent, and other increased costs of living incurred while the home is being repaired or rebuilt. These benefits are usually subject to both time and monetary limitations.


If only part of a structure or its contents is to be repaired or replaced, issues arise if the repaired portion cannot blend with the remaining undamaged property. If repairs are obvious, they may diminish a property’s value. Although language varies with each particular policy, policyholders may have the right to demand that covered property is restored to a seamless pre-loss condition.

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