Fire Damage

Why Might My Fire & Smoke Damage Claim Be Denied?

  • Allegation of arson
  • Valuation differences
  • A violation in terms of the insurance policy conditions
  • Fraudulent accusations/charges

A fire can lead to the total loss of your home or business. Oftentimes, the aftermath is

just as devastating as the event itself. While insurance should provide coverage and

peace of mind, carriers often make the road to recovery frustrating by failing to properly

adjust, underpaying, or denying a valid claim.

FPJL will work with you to properly quantify and report your claim. We communicate

directly with your insurance company to save you time, alleviate stress, and assure you

that your claim is properly adjusted. Our goal at FPJL is to ensure that you are paid

what you are owed.

What to do if your property sustains Fire damage:

  • Document any damages to your property by taking clear photographs. Be sure to document any smoke damage, as this type can often be overlooked.
  • Consult with an independent adjuster or damage assessment expert to get a second opinion regarding whether you are dealing with a partial or total loss. Partial losses are often delayed, so it is important to determine what your case is in order to properly measure expectations.
  • Keep track of any receipts or expenses regarding home repairs.

Fire & Smoke Damage Claims

Our property damage lawyers understand the tumultuous aftershock that a fire can cause. Everything from clothing to appliances to irreplaceable memories all can be lost to fire damage. Having a valid insurance claim denied after the fact only deepens the wound left behind. A vast portion of FPJL’s attorneys focus exclusively on representing policyholders pursuing valid insurance claims, including claims for fire and smoke damage.