What Are the Details of the Oregon Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits?

Three Oregon families are filing lawsuits on the assertion that their children received birth injuries resulting in cerebral palsy and serious brain damage because of medical malpractice.
Photo of a baby's hand in the parent's hand
One family argues that the hospital workers delayed too long in determining that the mother needed a caesarian section, which caused the baby to be born lifeless. Although the baby was later revived, he was without oxygen for 14 minutes.

The baby’s family is hoping to secure $40 million in compensation to pay for a lifetime of healthcare and living costs for their disabled child. The other two families are seeking a similar amount of damages in their respective malpractice lawsuits.

The lawyers are suggesting that miscommunication was a factor. However, the hospitals are denying any fault in these three birth injury cases.

What is a Leading Cause of Medical Malpractice?

CRICO, an evidence-based risk management group that serves the Harvard medical community, conducted research on miscommunication in medical malpractice, which is generally thought to be the leading cause of medical malpractice. According to CRICO’s study, the most common forms of miscommunication include the following:

  • 20 percent – Inadequate informed consent for surgical procedures
  • 15 percent – Unsympathetic response to a patient’s needs
  • 10 percent – Language barrier – medical professionals and medical students come from all around the world to work in our hospitals
  • 6 percent – Unclear discharge instructions
  • 5 percent – Unclear follow-up instructions
  • 5 percent – Insufficient information or education for a patient’s risks of certain medications

In all, CRICO found 484 malpractice cases involving miscommunication in the 1,160 cases that it studied.

Where Can I Find a Cerebral Palsy Attorney in Tampa?

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Source: http://www.birthinjuryguide.org/2014/12/three-oregon-families-file-birth-injury-lawsuits/