Property Insurance

Top 5 Insurance Claim Tips

    When disaster strikes, stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed and unfamiliar with the process can make your property damage claim a lot worse. After all the years of paying your home insurance premiums, you expect to be covered for all of your losses.  Here’s five insurance claim tips from Mario E. Lopez,…

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Post-Loss Compliance: Giving Immediate Notice of Your Loss

  All property insurance policies impose responsibilities on an insured in the event of a loss. One of those responsibilities is to provide notice of the claim. The purpose of a policy’s notice provision is to allow the insurance company to evaluate its rights and afford it an opportunity to investigate the claim. In Florida,…

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Replacement Cost Value vs Actual Cash Value

Terms like Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value are seldom used outside of the property insurance industry. However, they determine how much an insurance company will pay you for your property insurance claim. After your insurance company determines that an insurance policy provides coverage for a loss, the insurer has various ways to calculate…

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