Claim Denial

Additional Living Expenses: What You Need to Know

By Wesley J. Farrell, Esq.  One of the most valuable portions of a residential insurance policy is often overlooked when an insured purchases the policy. Living Expense coverage provides compensation to you when you are unable to live in your dwelling or home due to an insured loss or claim, while your home is being repaired. Most…

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An Overview of the Appraisal Process in Florida

By Ricky K. Patel, Esq. Are you thinking of suing your insurance company because it won’t agree to pay what your adjuster or contractor says is needed to fix your hurricane-damaged roof? Don’t be surprised if your insurer sends your dispute to an alternative resolution process called appraisal. Appraisal is designed to be a simple and…

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Post-Loss Compliance: Giving Immediate Notice of Your Loss

By Wesley J. Farrell, Esq. Property insurance policies impose responsibilities on an insured in the event of a loss. One of those responsibilities is to provide notice of the claim. The purpose of a policy’s notice provision is to allow the insurance company to evaluate its rights and afford it an opportunity to investigate the…

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