Can Marijuana and Recreational Drug Use Cause Birth Defects?

Can Marijuana and Recreational Drug Use Cause Birth Defects?

A new study across the pond is linking recreational drug use to birth defects. This University College London (UCL) study is important to Americans at this time, as the debate on marijuana use is becoming increasingly common in state and national politics. In some states, this recreational drug can now be used legally. As such, we would like to discuss this important study.

What Were the Results of the Recreational Drug Study?

The study revealed some interesting results that should be considered by both hospitals and prospective mothers. For one, mothers generally smoked marijuana throughout the second trimester. Whereas, other recreational drugs were given up much earlier. Additionally, 35 percent of the babies with birth defects had mothers who used recreational drugs compared to 13 percent of normally formed babies.

Hair samples from the mothers included in the research were used to confirm the use of recreational drugs. The rate of hair growth allowed the researchers to determine a timeline for drug use during the trimesters.

What Birth Defects Can Be Caused by Recreational Drugs?

The UCL researchers found brain cysts and lack of proper brain development common among the birth defects in the study. These can both lead to cerebral palsy. Additionally, spina bifida, usually an opening of the vertebrae on the spinal cord, was found.

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