Can Fracking Cause Birth Defects?

Two medical doctors have written an article about the health dangers of fracking, including the threat it poses to reproductive health. Fracking is a new oil and gas drilling process that can expose chemicals to the air. The University of Missouri-Columbia estimates that 15 million Americans live within a mile of a fracking area. This estimate does not include the unborn, who may also be affected.

What Reproductive Issues Can Fracking Cause?

The study found considerable evidence that regions near fracking sites have caused more miscarriages in women and increased the risk of birth defects in children born to women in the area.

In August, a study by the Colorado School of Public Health, found a 30 percent increase in congenital heart defects among babies born near fracking sites. Increases in neural tube defects, cleft palates and preterm births were also found.

Similarly, researchers from Princeton, Columbia and MIT presented a study showing that fracking sites led to 60 percent more low weight births.

Overall, research on birth defects in fracking is still new, as fracking is a new process. We will keep our readers posted on the latest developments and dangers of fracking areas to children.

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