How Can I File a BP Claim?

If your business was hurt financially by BP’s careless oil spill, then you should file a claim to secure compensation for the harm done to you or your business. There are two ways to file a BP oil spill claim, according to the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center (DHCC) website, including:

It should be noted that the independent Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) no longer accepts or handles oil spill claims. This also means that individuals or businesses that were denied by the now defunct GCCF can file a new claim with the DHCC, which might accept your claim.

You want to hurry, because the deadline to file a claim is June 8, 2015.

What Do I Need to File a BP Oil Claim?

If you are considering filing, please make sure that you can prove financial loss or property damage within three months of the BP oil spill. Even businesses that are inland can file for damages. Individuals can submit a claim if they can show that their individual earnings have been affected by the oil spill.

If you rely on Tax Information Documentation to support your claim, you will also need to submit IRS Forms 4506 and 4506-T.

Why Do I Need a BP Oil Spill Attorney?

The claims process can be very confusing. Some people have waited quite a while or are still waiting for their claim to be processed. A lawyer with experience in helping clients with their BP oil claims can help increase your chances of gaining maximum compensation in the quickest time possible.

If you have been hurt financially by BP’s economic disaster, then you should contact the BP oil spill attorneys at Farrell, Patel, Jomarron & Lopez who are representing over 3,000 clients.

[Did You Know? Less than half of all eligible individuals or businesses have filed BP oil spill claims.]

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